Our Mission:

To build the safest platform possible for SAR teams in water rescue.



The WATERWOG is built for safety in treacherous waters.

The WATERWOG, rescue craft has the ability to take many different forms, suiting it for various rescue situations.   Through tireless research and development a different rescue craft was developed, christened the Waterwog a revolution in inflatable rescue boat technology

The Waterwog is truly a breakthrough in rescuer safety and effectiveness.  The unique design offers a greatly increased safety margin for rescuers when dealing with water emergencies.  The Rescue Crafts’ seat belt and roll cage system greatly reduce the risk of a swim.  

“Low Head Dam” operations are traditionally one of the most dangerous environments a swimmer, boater, or rescuer can face.  With the use of a Rescue Craft, the catastrophic possibility of putting a rescuer into perfect terminal hydraulic is mitigated.  This creates an effective safe alternative to putting rafts or other water craft into a low head dam.  –video


Rescue Craft are versatile and perform in many different water environments; extreme white water, flooded waterways, ice rescues, and ocean breakers making it an extremely versatile rescue platform.  The interior space creates a large effective work space that can accepts a backboard, swimmers, rescuers or divers.

The Rescue Craft can also accept an outboard motor with its modular transom mount and a hard hull configuration to combat cavitation.

The frame components included are: 1 oar frame, 1 transom mount, 3 Composite Oars, 2 Velcro seat straps, rigging straps, 2 sets of foot cups and custom D-ring placement on the boat.   Custom logos are available.


Rescue Craft FAQ‘s

Why Does it have Tops?

They help to prevent capsizing and assist the boat in righting. They create a roll cage that protects the operator(s).  It’s a self-righting system with a secure lap belt that allows users to remain protected inside the boat even when it rolls over.

See self-righting system in action!


How Much does it Cost?

Recue Craft prices start at $12,500 for the Waterwog Type 1, $15,500 for the Waterwog Type 2 – Open Water Rescue and a $17,500 base price for the  Waterwog Type 3. We also offer customized training, options with and without motors as well as delivery options. Visit our products page for a full range of pricing and boat options. 

Request a quote:  info@creaturecraft.com, or call Darren @ 970.270.7773


What is the Boat Made of?

The boat is made from STS Process PVC fabric with an epoxy urethane protective coating.

How is it Built?

Boats are custom built at the Creature Craft facility in Grand Junction, CO, through a combination of welding, gluing and urethane coating. Each boat is hand made in the US by the Creature Craft team.

How Heavy is it?

It’s so light it floats, without equipment weigh between 155 – 285 lb.

What Holds People in the Boat?

A 4″ wide hook & loop thigh strap attached to the frame, that is secure but also a quick exit.

Can I get Custom Colors & Logos?

Yes. Customers can choose two colors from our available color schemes. We cannot pantone match, but have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

What professionals use the WATERWOG?

The rescue inflatables built by Creature Craft have many different applications from Low Head Dam rescue to whitewater safety boat.  Here are some links to articles written about teams that have Creature Craft rescue boats and training to operate in extreme environments.



Darren Vancil

The creator and mastermind behind Creature Craft and the rescue craft series.