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The elusive Creature Craft out in the wild.


What is a Creature Craft?

Introducing a new and revolutionary inflatable boat

Creature Crafts are a patented new species of whitewater inflatable that open vast new possibilities for fun and safety on raging rivers.

Traditionally, with whitewater rafting, flipping guarantees a swim for the crew, exposing them to the elements and potential injury. 

The key trait of all Creature Crafts is, with proper technique, they can be rolled back to an upright position while remaining seated in the boat.  This is achieved with the aid of the patented inflatable roll cage design which limits the boat from settling upside down.  The roll cage also helps protect the crew from rocks and other objects when the boat is on its side; though you must always be aware of your surroundings.

In a Creature Craft, the potential for a swim is greatly reduced as the paddler/rower rides in a seat with a thigh strap. The roll cage design provides a protective enclosure even when upside-down.  The roll concept is similar to that of a whitewater kayak.  If the boat capsizes, there is the possibility to perform a roll while remaining inside the boat, often continuing down the river barely missing a beat.

Every seat has a quick release system which allows a paddler to quickly unstrap if necessary. Nevertheless, like with whitewater kayaks, it is usually to the paddler’s advantage to remain inside the boat and roll it as soon as possible.

Our mission is to make boats that can roll over on the water, but also make boats that are responsive and fun to paddle.  Creature Craft is proud to say, we have achieved our goal, and hope you take an opportunity to have the ride of your life in a Creature Craft.


Rescue Craft

Rescue Craft

Priority in any rescue situation is for the rescuer to be able to provide help without risk of also becoming a victim. The Rescue Craft does exactly that.

Creature Craft

A new, fun and safer way for everyday river running. Whether its running big Class III & IV or pushing your limits in challenging Class V.

Darren Vancil

Creator and mastermind behind Creature Craft™

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