Fun, new and safer way of whitewater rafting big Class IV & V.  Test your skills and experience in water where few dare venture.


The WATERWOG rescue series is an extremely safe platform for swift water, low head dam and flood conditions.  The rescue system significantly reduces the risk of first-responders becoming victims.

Our crafts come in seven different base models.  Optional equipment and colors are available so contact us to build your perfect Creature Craft.

“The Creature Craft changed my whole perception of what is possible in white water” -John (guide instructor)

Be Safe and watch out for our fellow boaters!

A Revolution in Whitewater Navigation & Swift Water Rescue


Creature Crafts are a revolutionary new species of whitewater boats that have surpassed many of the limitations of conventional rafts and in the process opened up vast new possibilities for fun and safety on the river.  All Creature Crafts are designed to run extreme whitewater, however they all have their own specific strengths… Read More