Futaleufu River, Chile

Terminator and Himalayas Rapids on the Futaleufu River in Northern Patagonia, Chile with Darren and Marc one of the owners of Bio Expeditions during a demo.

The stability of the Creature Craft allows its passengers to safely run whitewater at the limit of what’s possible. With the thigh strap system greatly reduces the potential for swimmers.

Commercial Craft

The three most important things in commercial rafting are safety, fun, and profitability; the Creature Craft addresses all three.  The Creature Craft was designed to make whitewater rafting safer and adds a whole new dimension of fun in the process.  As a passenger boat it has safety advantages unrivaled by any other whitewater craft.

The amazing stability of the Creature Craft presents the opportunity to navigate whitewater far beyond what’s possible in conventional rafts and the thigh strap system almost eliminates the potential for swimmers.  This allows adventurous commercial rafting companies to lengthen their seasons by taking advantage of seasonal high water and the more difficult sections of rivers that are not usually run. The smaller guide to client ratio is ideal for this type of high end adventure trips.  Customers are willing to pay higher prices when they can see a greater level of personal service and safety.  When you combine these two factors with high adrenaline, the results are satisfied customers who will return and spread the word to all their friends.

Another benefit of the Creature Craft as a commercial raft is as a safety boat.  Today, most companies use kayaks as their primary option for safety boats.  While the kayak is an excellent safety boat, the Creature Craft adds an entirely new dimension to safety boating.  Creature Craft can pick up multiple swimmers and have the ability to drive in and out of common potentially fatal hydraulics to reach swimmers (a feat not possible in any other whitewater boat/craft).   The Creature Craft also has the space to carry complete medical and rescue kits, including large bulky items such as backboards, defibrillators, sweep kits, and wrap kits.

Increase the level of safety, fun and profitability in your commercial rafting trips by investing in a Creature Craft today.


Rescue Craft

Priority in any rescue situation is for the rescuer to be able to provide help without risk of also becoming a victim. The Rescue Craft does exactly that.

Whitewater Craft

A new, fun and safer way for everyday river running. Whether its running big Class III & IV or pushing your limits in challenging Class V & VI.

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